Welcome to my “About Me” webpage. I am a Hispanic man who is 65+ years old. I feel that I have passed the prime of my life but also believe that I have begun a new and more challenging stage of it. Life has so many possible roads to follow and, at times, I have taken erroneous ones but they may have lead directly to better ones and, in the process yielded more productive thoughts and outcomes. Even so, it may be beneficial to take a few digressions as inevitably one finds oneself returning to a dull, straight and narrow passage full speed ahead. Come what may, I’m ready. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me compliments of my unofficial sponsor, WordPress

  Zenni Optical’s Brief 101 On Your Pupillary Distance (PD)

 BAAQMD’s Current Air Quality Report for the Bay Area

 Rhapsody is now Napster (Napster is back)!

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